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A general Nike Air Max 2012 theme in the proof of lower bounds on the size of resolution refutations in propositional logic has been that of basing size lower bounds on lower bounds on the width of refutations. Ben-Sasson and Wigderson have proved a general width-size tradeoff result that can be used to prove many of the lower bounds on resolution complexity in a uniform manner. However, it does not apply directly to the well known pigeonhole clauses. The present paper generalizes their width-size tradeoff so that it applies directly to (a monotone transformation of) the pigeonhole clauses. In the March and May issues of Chemistry & Biology, Croteau and coworkers 16 and 17 reported the molecular cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of two new cytochrome P450 hydroxylases of the taxol biosynthesis pathway. The results reported not only mark a major advance toward the long-term goal of engineering the taxoid pathway to increase biological production yields Nike Air Force 1 Trainers Black of this important anticancer agent, but also highlight the challenges and opportunities in assigning specific biochemical function to newly discovered biosynthetic genes.