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Nike Air Max 1 Junior with increasing distance from the melt

Nike Air Max 1 Junior

An intensity dependent phase shift is observed for fundamental wave in CW intracavity second harmonic generation with KNbO3 crystal. At large phase mismatch (Δk), the nonlinear phase shift is proportional to the intensity of the fundamental and is inversely proportional Air Max Trainers Women to Δk, as predicted from a simple theory of harmonic generation. However, when Δk Nike Air Max 1 Junior → 0 the phase shift experiences an unexpected increase before it drops back to zero at Δk = 0, and at some values of Δk, the behavior of the harmonic field cannot be explained by the simple theory, either. The temperature distribution in Czochralski pulled zinc tungstate crystals has been predicted and measured for pure and cobalt doped specimens. The results indicate a uniform temperature gradient in the crystal from the melt interface up to the level of the top of the crucible walls, thereafter the temperature of the crystal drops exponentially with increasing distance from the melt interface. Only in this latter region does the temperature depend on the cobalt doping and hence radiative properties of the crystal. The temperature distribution in the melt and the surrounding air space has also been measured.