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Nike Air Max 1 Grameen Bank is particular in empowering

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This paper presents findings from a study of Grameen Bank and the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), two programs that provide credit to poor rural women in Bangladesh. The programs were found to have significant effects on eight different dimensions of women's empowerment. The authors use a combination of sample survey and case study data to argue that the success of Grameen Bank, is particular, in empowering women is due both to its strong, central focus on credit, and its skillful use of rules and rituals to make the loan program function. It has been shown that (with complete data) empirical likelihood ratios can be used to form confidence intervals and test hypotheses about a linear functional of the distribution function Nike Air Max 1 just like the Air Force One Trainers High Tops parametric case. We study here the empirical likelihood ratios for right censored data and with parameters that are linear functionals of the cumulative hazard function. Martingale techniques make the asymptotic analysis easier, even for random weighting functions. It is shown that the empirical likelihood ratio in this setting can be easily obtained by solving a one parameter monotone equation.