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Surface finish is a critical factor in many high performance optical components with major limitations Cheap Air Force 1 Size 6 arising from scattering due to topographic surface roughness. Scattering theory shows that the relevant statistic of the residual surface height fluctuations is their power spectral density. In this paper, methods of estimating such spectra from surface profile measurements are described and are illustrated by the analysis of mechanical stylus measurements of several polished surfaces which have nanometer height fluctuations over the surface wavelength range of about 100–103 μm. A 15q24 microduplication, reciprocal to the minimal critical region for the recently described 15q24 microdeletion syndrome, was found in a 2-year-old boy Nike Air Max Womens by 244k Agilent oligoarray CGH analysis. The boy had global developmental delay and dysmorphic facial features, digital and genital abnormalities. The duplication was inherited from a healthy father, but was considered clinically significant, as the patient shared clinical features with 15q24 Nike Air Force Ones Sale microdeletion syndrome patients. To our knowledge this is the first report of a patient with a 15q24 microduplication.