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Nike Air Force One Uk Shop GlGl has the same vertex set

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Given a graph G  , the graph GlGl has the same vertex set and two vertices are adjacent in GlGl if and only if they are at distance at most l   in G  . The l  -coloring Nike Air Force One Uk Shop problem consists in finding an optimal vertex coloring of the graph GlGl, where G   is the input graph. We show that, for any fixed value of l  , the l  -coloring problem is polynomial when restricted to graphs of bounded NLC-width (or clique-width), if an expression of the graph is also part of the input. We also prove that the NLC-width of GlGl is at most 2(l+1)nlcw(G)2(l+1)nlcw(G). The problem of estimating the extremal parameter for a distribution with regularly varying tail is revisited by proposing three new estimators and studying their rate of convergence. In the case of positive extremal parameter, the optimal rate in the sense of Hall and Welsh [Ann. Statist.12 (1984) 1079–1084] is attained for a generalization of Pickands well-known estimator Nike Air Max Black Uk and for a new estimator. The optimal number of top order statistics involved in the computation of Nike Air Force 1 Womens the latter is also studied by using an optimality criterion based on a bias-variance trade-off.