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In this paper, we place several fuzzy measure subsets in relation one with the other. The subsets under study Nike Air Force One are those corresponding to the definitions of probability measure. Sugeno's gλ-measure, Shafer's belief function and Zadeh's possibility measure. We study the intersection of these subsets and we show the particular role of Dirac's measures in this comparison. We limit ourself to the case of mappins whose domain is the collection of all subsets of a finite set.Finally, the obtained partial results are summarized in only one Mens Nike Air Force 1 High Tops figure which shoul clarify the specificity of each of Mens Nike Air Force 1 Low the above definitions. Let k   be an algebraically closed field and A   be a tree algebra. We consider here a class obtained by the blowing-up of a tree algebra A   at a set of vertices D   of A  , such an algebra is denoted by A{D}A{D}. The objective of this paper is to prove the equivalence between the derived-tameness and the non-negativity of the Euler form for algebras of this form. We also show that, in this case, if D   is a non-empty set then A{D}A{D} must be derived equivalent to a special incidence algebra, called semichain algebra.