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Cheap Air Max to monocular input Adopting a strategy

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We sought to determine whether or not motion-from-texture mechanisms have access to monocular input. Adopting a strategy used by Kolb and Braun (1995. Nature, 377, 336–338), we created drifting textures that were invisible to purely binocular processes. Monocular signals readily conveyed motions defined by local orientation and flicker. However, when left- and right-eye signals were displayed simultaneously, only flicker motion was visible. We conclude that motion-from-texture mechanisms do not have access to monocular input. Further evidence suggests that motion from texture involves attentional tracking. We describe the application of ‘perforated patch recording’ using the pore-forming antibiotic nystatin, to monitor the electrical activity and underlying ionic currents Cheap Air Max of rat and human pancreatic islet B cells. We demonstrate that glucose-induced electrical activity is seen even in single B cells during current-clamp recordings lasting hours ‘L-type’ Ca2+-channel currents can also be Nike Air Force Uk Price monitored over this period of time. This technique may prove useful in examining hormone and neurotransmitter modulation of electrical activity in B cells, while minimizing the effects of cytoplasmic ‘wash-out’.