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Line-width measurements have been performed in the fundamental and the first-overtone bands of CO broadened by CO2. The half-widths vary from 0.123±0.006 cm-1atm-1 for m = 1 to 0.0464±0.002 cm-1atm-1 for m = 18 in both the bands. Comparison with self-broadened and nitrogen-broadened half-widths indicates that, due to its larger quadrupole moment and heavier mass, CO2 is more Nike Force Trainers effective for low m, and less effective for large m, than CO and N2 in Buy Air Force Ones Uk broadening of CO lines. Excellent agreement is obtained between our measured widths and line widths calculated according to Anderson's theory. In this work, the influence of group velocity dispersion on the availability of a turbulent free space optical channel modeled with the log normal distribution is investigated. By assuming longitudinal Gaussian pulse propagation, analytical expressions for the probability of fade of such links are provided. The cases where the dispersion effect can be used in order to ameliorate the Air Force One Trainers Uk system's performance are studied and mathematical expressions for the evaluation of system's specific parameters are also derived. Moreover, various numerically evaluated results are presented.