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The gastric bacterial flora and its influence on the 13C-urea breath test (UBT) for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection was studied in a pig model. Seven SPF minipigs were used. H. pylori or a mix of other urease positive bacteria were administered orally. UBT, serum and biopsies for histology and culture were collected. Our results show that UBT is not specific for H. pylori in pigs as the gastric bacterial flora is responsible for the high UBT values observed. Furthermore, the Ellegaard Göttingen SPF minipigs are not useful in an animal model for H. pylori studies. An active radiator tile (ART) thermal valve has been fabricated using silicon micromachining. Intended for orbital satellite heat-control applications, Buy Air Force 1 Uk the operational principle of the ART is to control heat flow between two thermally isolated surfaces by bringing the surfaces into intimate mechanical contact using electrostatic actuation. Prototype Nike Air Max 95 devices have been tested in vacuum. In the OFF state, the switch provides a very good thermal insulation, whilst with actuation voltages as low as 40 V, it switches to the ON state and a large increase in radiative heat flow can be noticed.