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This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the performance of a new constrained spectroscopic imaging method, called SLIM (spectral localization by imaging). Specifically, its Sensitivity to random noise and compartmental inhomogeneities is characterized, and a proof is given that the compartmental measure-ments obtained from this technique converge to the exact average compartmental signal strengths no matter what compartmental inhomogeneities exist. Simulations and experimental results are also presented to demonstrate these theoretical results. Society is regularly shocked by Air Max Trainers Sale reports of child abuse. Then the question arises as to whether or not we should be doing more. Is it possible to prevent someone from becoming an offender by a Nike Air Max 90 Suede means other than intervention only once the Nike Air Max Tn Men crime is committed? What strategies can aim at offender prevention? And what factors can contribute towards this? This article is merely about bringing to light the contribution that the mental health system is able to make. We believe that every therapist could be faced with people who can benefit from an offender prevention approach.