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Air Max Thea Womens reviewed with a focus on the

Air Max Thea Womens

This report focuses on Air Max Thea how to design media messages about nutrition that will persuade people to adopt healthful behaviors. The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) is used as a theoretical framework to explore different information-processing modes that individuals employ in a variety of communication situations. Studies from the fields of communication and psychology are briefly reviewed, with Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Womens a focus on the source and message strategies that are most likely to persuade different types of audiences to change their nutritional attitudes and behaviors. The development of anorexia nervosa in a high-functioning, early adolescent, autistic female is described. This case raises the issue of co-occurrence of childhood-onset disorders sharing the phenomena of obsessions and compulsions. The role of dysregulation of the serotonergic neurotransmitter system as a common underlying Air Max Thea Womens mechanism in these disorders is suggested. Psychoactive agents affecting the serotonin system and in particular the atypical neuroleptte risperidone may be of value in these disorders. There is added benefit to the combined use of biological and behavioral therapies.