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With the increasing rapidly and complexity of administrative actions, there is a need for more “proactive management”. Long-Range Strategic Planning (LRSP) is a recent management tool which offers opportunities for more effective and efficient operations. If top-level administrators are to be more than crisis-oriented, they will need to become long-range planners. This article describes what LRSP is, why it might be needed, and lastly suggests a Nike Air Force 1 model for developing and implementing such plans. LRSP can be a basic administrative tool in having continued effectiveness in many organizations. The paper reports a psychometric appraisal of the scales for the measurement of innovativeness devised by Hurt, Cheap Air Max Thea Uk Joseph and Cook in 1977. A random sample of 308 British consumers was used Air Max Thea Uk Sale to assess the scales in terms of internal reliability, dimensionality, and discriminant validity. While the investigation revealed acceptable levels of reliability and discriminant validity, shortened versions of the inventory proposed by Hurt and colleagues and by the present authors produced improved reliability coefficients. The expectations of Hurt and colleagues for a unidimensional scale is not supported.