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We consider a Hamiltonian H which is the sum of a deterministic part H0 and of a random potential V. For finite NxN matrices, following a method introduced by Kazakov, we derive a representation of the correlation functions in terms of contour integrals over a finite number of variables. This allows one to analyse Nike Air Trainers Sale the level correlations, whereas the standard methods of random matrix theory, such as the Air Max Sale method of orthogonal polynomials, are not available for such cases. At short distance we recover, for an arbitrary H0 an oscillating behavior for the connected two-level correlation. A correlation for fin-and-tube heat exchanger having plain fin geometry is proposed in this study. A total of 74 samples were used to develop the correlation. For practical considerations, the proposed heat transfer correlation had absorbed the contact conductance in the development of correlation. The proposed heat transfer correlation can describe 88.6% of the database within ±15%, while the proposed friction correlation can correlate 85.1% of the database within ±15%. The mean deviation of the heat transfer correlation is 7.51%, while that for the proposed friction correlation is 8.31%.