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Twelve hundred and eighty-eight people aged 70 and over in two general practices in South Wales were interviewed about their degree of physical disability, their use of health and social services and whether or not they received supplementary pensions.Those who received supplementary pensions were more likely to be in receipt Nike Air Max 2012 Mens Uk of services at all levels of physical disability but a multiple regression analysis suggested that this was due to intervening variables, particularly the degree of physical disability and whether or not the person lived alone. For a given functional of a simple point process, we find an analogue of Taylor's theorem for its mean value. The terms of the expansion are integrals of some real functions with respect to factorial moment measures of the point process. The remainder term is an integral of some functional with respect to a higher order Campbell measure. A special case of this expansion is Palm-Khinchin formula. The results complement previous studies of Reiman and Simon (1989), Baccelli and Brémaud (1993) and shed new light on light traffic approximations of Daley and Rolski Air Max 95 Cheap (1994), Błaszczyszyn and Rolski (1993).