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A summary is presented of state of the art techniques for evaluating the present worth of cash flow distributions for project comparisons. Included is the treatment of discrete and continuous cash flow profiles Air Max Thea Mens Uk with both discrete and continuous compounding of interest. Conventional finite summation, integration, numerical analysis, Laplace transform, and Zeta transform techniques are all illustrated performing present worth analysis. Recent developments on the effects of timing Air Max 87 Cheap uncertainty, the learning curve, and the inflation rate on present worth analysis are also described. The start of 2006 marks the formation of The Institute for Information Security Professionals, an important milestone in the development of the emerging profession of information security. This paper examines the justification and vision for the new Institute, the background and reasoning behind its formation, and the benefits and services it will offer to members. Amongst other things, this case study defines the value and role of a professional Institute in today's business environment and it provides a blueprint for the successful launch of a modern professional body.