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Air Max 2014 Womens geometric phase and leads to the

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Extreme behavior is produced by small groups, but affects a large amount of people. The fear, the usual strategy of Air Max 2014 Womens these groups, influences the decisions of the whole population. In this paper we propose a dynamical mathematical model to study the ideological evolution of the population in a region where some groups want to get political goals through violence. After a classification of the subpopulations using data from votes obtained by political parties in Nike Air Max Sale 2013 general elections, model parameters have been estimated and future tendencies are studied. A novel class of interference phenomena originating from the geometric phase is discussed. Spin-orbit interaction results in the geometric phase and leads to the destructive interference and a phase shift of the Aharonov-Bohm conductance oscillations in ballistic and diffusive rings. In-plane magnetoresistance of rings exhibits abrupt “topological” transitions from destructive to constructive interference. The origin of the phase breaking due to the spin-orbit interaction in the weak localization conductance and in the universal conductance fluctuations is clarified.