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Air Max 2014 Uk a sample of firms that adopt

Air Max 2014 Uk

We examine a sample of firms that adopt “target ownership plans”, under which managers Air Max 1 Leopard are required to own a minimum amount of stock. We find that prior to plan adoption, such firms exhibit low managerial equity ownership and low stock price performance. Managerial equity ownership increases significantly in the two years following plan adoption. We also observe that excess accounting returns and stock returns are higher after the plan is adopted. Thus, for our sample of firms, the required increases in the level of managerial equity ownership result in improvements in firm performance. Accumulative roll bonding (ARB) is one of the most promising methods for the industrial production of ultrafine grained (UFG) sheet materials. The poor bond strength is one of the major drawbacks in the ARB process. Degreasing and wire-brushing have been widely adopted in ARB to improve bonding. In this paper, the nano-sized SiO2 particles has been used to enhance the bond strength. The bond strength in our samples exceeds 2.5 times the values achieved by degreasing and wire-brushing methods. In addition, the mechanical properties and microstructures of the ARB-processed samples have also Air Max 2014 Uk been investigated.