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Air Max 2013 Uk employ the pseudospectral time domain technique to

Air Max 2013 Uk

We employ the pseudospectral time-domain technique to simulate light scattering by a cluster of mono-disperse dielectric spheres. The total scattering cross-section (TSCS) spectrum of the cluster is obtained and analyzed. Research findings show that the TSCS spectrum exhibits characteristics of the cluster geometry as a whole, as well as characteristics of the constituent dielectric spheres. Furthermore, an optical signature indicative of the constituent sphere Air Max Thea Black size is identified, suggesting the possibility to obtain microscopic geometrical information of a Air Max 2013 Uk closely-packed geometry from multiply scattered light. The phase-crossing algorithm is proposed for white-light interferometry, which uses the multi-color phase information of spectrally decomposed interferograms recorded simultaneously with color-sensitive image sensors. The location of zero optical path difference is identified as the singular point at which the phase becomes color invariant, and is determined accurately with a sub-sampling-interval resolution from the crossing point of the multi-color phase distributions obtained by the Fourier transform method. An experimental result is presented that demonstrates the performance of the phase-crossing algorithm.