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Air Max 2013 Jd with very high curvature being indicative

Air Max 2013 Jd

A corner detection scheme for chain coded curves is proposed that significantly improves on the performance of current algorithms. The proposed scheme measures the number of links to either side of a point that can produce the largest digital straight line. That value is used as Nike Air Force Trainers Uk an indication of curvature at that point with very high curvature being indicative of a corner. A modification of the proposed algorithm can further reduce the false detection rate with virtually no affect on the number of corners missed by omitting certain patterns that can arise from contours with arbitrarily small curvature. This article describes a novel fringe analysis technique using stair-shaped virtual grating demodulation algorithm for extracting the phase information from a single fringe pattern. In contrast to the Fourier transform technique and quadrature multiplicative moire method, the new method processes a fringe pattern in the integer signal domain instead Air Max 2013 Jd of the frequency domain and real-signal domain. The spatial carrier of fringe image is not limited to any particular frequency as long as it fulfills the sampling theorem. The errors analysis of this technique is conducted by computer simulation and experiments.