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This study focuses on effects of assortment size and composition on assortment evaluation. Data from a choice experiment conducted with members of a large consumer panel suggest that adding any item improves assortment evaluation, regardless of their attributes or the size of the assortment. Although effects are observed for a few specific products, there is no evidence of a generic ‘favorite available’ effect as reported in earlier studies, nor is there indication that smaller assortments suffice if they contain a consumer's favorite alternative. In one of the author's previous papers, the “Parseval Equality” was established for anyA-regular scattering operator function (i.e., for one associated with the Generalized Bitangential Schur–Nevanlinna–Pick Problem). Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Uk The infinite Hamburger Moment Problem gives an example of anA-singular scattering operator-function with the “Parseval Equality” property. This leads to a negative answer to a question due to V. M. Adamjan, D. Z. Arov, and M. G. Air Max 1 Cheap Krein, and (what is the same) produces a counter-example to D. Sarason's conjecture concerning exposed points inH1.