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The process of crosslinking of polyorganosiloxane block copolymers with a linear-ladder structure has been studied demonstrating that it is accompanied by reactions of cyclization and homofunctional condensation of the silanol groups of the polymer. It is shown that the values of the mean effective functionality Air Force 1 Trainers Cheap and calculated number average MW of the block copolymers of linear-ladder structure may be evaluated in study of the interval of gelation with bifunctional crosslinking agents on the basis of the notions of the statistical theory of three-dimensional polycondensation. This paper contains an overview of the discussions on future research directions within the Air Force Nike subject of ad hoc networking, held at the Wireless World Research Forum meetings during 2001. Ad hoc networking is an emerging research field where ad hoc networks are no longer viewed as stand-alone groups of wireless terminals. On the contrary, ad Air Max 95 hoc networks are expected to become fundamental in the future development of infrastructure networks and they will be the basis for enabling ubiquitous communications. Ad hoc networking involves new research issues at all layers.